Decentralized and anonymous crypto currency for maximizing profit and daily use.
Masternode. Darksend. Proof Of Work/Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency.
Rise on higher and higher.

What are Masternodes and what is Staking?

Masternodes are the important part of the network making high transaction speed possible. They also provide the dark send feature keeping your transactions anonymous if neccesary. As they provide an important functionality to the network, masternode owners receive the rewards (coins), giving them a far higher ROI than your local bank, but you don’t have to be a masternode owner to benefit from this as Highland also stakes in your wallet. Essentially, the more coins you have the more weight you will have on the network and the faster your coins will grow. As well Highland coin uses traditional proof of work method of blocks generation also.

About Highland Coin

Highland Coin is a coin designed to send fast, low-cost and secure transactions Worldwide. It is also an ideal coin for investment that gives a high interest rate to investors through our Masternodes and staking. The coin developers also have considerable experience in the field of paid telephony and IVR in which a large-scale project is planned using this coin as the main means of automatic p2p payment. The details of the project are not to be disclosed yet since it is at an early stage of development.

Wallets / Source

Main Specifications

CoinTicker : 


Max Supply: 

~67,000,000 coin

Block Time: 

~60 seconds


Scrypt (Pos/PoW)


1,100,000 [1.79%]

MN Collateral:

4,000 HLD

PoS Block Reward

64 HLD

Stake age :

6 Hr

MN / Stake Reward

75% / 25%


Some items may be implemented in different order or earlier.


Create Highland Coin
Windows wallet
Linux wallet
Block Explorer
Bitcointalk forum Announcement
Launch presale (ICO)
Masternodes ranking sites listing
Mac wallet

Q2 2018

Exchange Listing
Social work initiatives picked by community
PR events and promotion

Q3 2018

Release Whitepaper
Desktop wallets update (added features)
New website
Launch on major exchanges
Mobile wallets (Android & iOS) 
Further: To Be Announced


1st Round

10 Masternodes
    were sold
1st Round is over
Welcome to the second round!

2nd Round (last)

15 Masternodes
0.3 BTC per MN
currently 13 MN is available
ROI < 6 days


Preliminary sale gives a unique opportunity of fast investments return while remaining amount of PoS-mined coins allows receiving high profits even further. 

Presale is at a high discount on the exchange price.
Earlier bought, the more the discount.  


There are two options:
1. Order coins through Discord (perhaps more slowly if presale manager is currently offline).
2. Get your order requisites automatically on the presale page (instantly).
Anyway please additionally check the received payment BTC address here, as phishing and spoofing have been heard to be the frequent case, even on Discord.