highlandpay highlandpay v4.6.6

  1. Step 1:
    Local Wallet Side
    (If you already have HLD Masternodes on your local wallet do not forget to make this, otherwise your MN will probably stop working
    In your local wallet go to
    Check up "Display coin control features", then Apply, then Ok
    Go to 'Send' Tab
    Click 'Inputs...' button
    Check 'List mode'
    Using Right Click lock your existing MN collateral coins that as they couldn't be spent for other tx.
    Now you can make any txs (send 80K for new MN or just spend your coins).
    If you hadn't done this and accidentally spent part of your MN collateral coins you would get error message when restarting your MN. In this case you can only reset it completely.

    Most efficient method to do all neccesary operations is to run 4 commands in your wallet 'help->debug window' as follows:

    ===1st command ===
    getnewaddress MN1
    --1st output: (example, you use that one from your debug window) HiYPxX2HCs9Rd6Kuw1XnE8Uxm3DhZxiAF4

    ===2nd command ===
    sendtoaddress HiYPxX2HCs9Rd6Kuw1XnE8Uxm3DhZxiAF4 80000
                                                                                    (here you use address from  your 1st output)
    ---2nd output: (example, use later taken from your debug window one) 9bdcbdea03169a63853c622b7ad49b0aad5b073c85d3d566e4318d9da7d3864e

                            Wait until at least 15 confirmations have passed!

    ===3rd command (after 15 confirmations) ===
    masternode genkey
    --3rd output: (example, take this from your debug window, to be needed on your VPS later)

    ===4th command ===
    masternode outputs
    --4th output: (example)
    "9bdcbdea03169a63853c622b7ad49b0aad5b073c85d3d566e4318d9da7d3864e" : "0"
    1st value is TxHash, the same as 2nd output, so here important is single digit after : , called vout. It can be "0" or "1".
    Copy and save all outputs somewhere.
  2. STEP 2:  - Get on the VPS

    Login to your VPS server with root user or use sudo -i command for other users. Make sure you are in root directory cd /root

    Optional task
    If your VPS has less than two gigabytes of RAM, you need to create a swap file by executing following commands:
    touch /var/swap.img
    chmod 600 /var/swap.img
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=2000
    mkswap /var/swap.img
    swapon /var/swap.img
    echo "/var/swap.img none swap sw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

    NB: or use -sw flags while executing script at next step --------------------------------------

    Download & execute installation script (this bootstrap script was kindly provided by Eric, you can also visit his website)
    wget http://highlandpay.org/hld_ubuntu1604_install_1.2.sh
    bash hld_ubuntu1604_install_1.2.sh

    When your terminal pops up this yellow/red line

    Enter your Highland Masternode GEN Key or leave empty.

    then enter (copy/paste) there your 3rd output of 'masternode genkey' command which you got on the Step 1 (it was 6CFWsdne7qr7exQr8Nrn6ReWHGnhXQwiGadpS8S2EVdaKvusMdL in this guide example).
    Press Enter

    Next 3 items a), b) and c) are optional:
    a) Stop deamon
    systemctl stop Highland.service
    b) Edit Highland.conf by using following command: nano ~/.Highland/Highland.conf
    Replace rpcuser, rpcpassword by you own values if needed
    Save Highland.conf file: Ctrl+o    ->   Enter   ->   Ctrl+x 
    (OR: Ctrl+X and when asked whether you want to save the changes, confirm with Y)
    c) Restart deamon
    systemctl start Highland.service

  3. STEP 3:
    Go back to the local wallet. Go to the Masternodes tab .
    Click Create button and fill the details:
    Alias: [Type here 'MN1' - the name of your masternode, that you entered on Step 1 in the 1st command (getnewaddress MN1 )]
    Address: [VPS_IP_ADDRESS:46561] PrivKey:[MASTERNODE_PRIVATE_KEY created in Step 1, 3rd debug window output] TxHash:[txid from Step 1, 2nd output]  
    Output Index: [vout from Step 1, 4th output]
    Reward Address: [Leave empty]  
    Rewards %: [Leave empty] 
    Click OK to add the masternode.  
    Click Update.
    Restart your wallet.
    Click Start All. 
    Wait for the masternode to mature and you will get nice rewards soon!
    (First masternode reward may take a while, up to 24 hours depending on overall network masternodes number and other features.)